A Peace Corps Volunteer had a dream to use the nutritious leaves of the moringa tree to improve the lives of women in West Africa. Out of that dream, Kuli Kuli was born.

Our Company

Kuli Kuli is America’s leading moringa brand. We provide the highest quality and most nutritious moringa available. Kuli Kuli’s moringa is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants. Our moringa provides a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. By hand-harvesting only fresh, young leaves, Kuli Kuli ensures that our organic moringa powder is more nutrient-dense and less bitter than anything else on the market. Taste the Kuli Kuli difference.

Over 60% of Americans say that incorporating more vegetables/greens into their diet is their #1 priority but many find it difficult to get their greens at meals other than dinner. Kuli Kuli's delicious Moringa Superfood Bars, Pure Moringa Powder, Energizing Moringa Herbal Tea, and Moringa Green Energy shots make it easy for Americans to get their greens on the go while helping to plant moringa trees and support women farmers in the developing world.

Our Story

Kuli Kuli’s founder Lisa Curtis got her first taste of moringa as a Peace Corps volunteer in a small village in Niger . As a vegetarian, she was eating mostly rice and millet — a diet that left her feeling sluggish. When she mentioned her fatigue to women at the community health center, they suggested she try moringa. She bought moringa leaves from a neighbor’s tree and mixed them with a popular peanut snack called kuli-kuli. She soon felt better and began to work with villagers to encourage them to use moringa. Lisa founded Kuli Kuli to help women in West Africa use more moringa locally and earn a sustainable livelihood by selling a portion of each harvest to the US.

After returning to the US, Lisa, along with co-founders Valerie Popelka , Jordan Moncharmont , and Anne Tsuei , launched Kuli Kuli through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which raised $53,000, making it the most popular food campaign Indiegogo had ever had at the time. In 2015, Kuli Kuli announced an initiative with Whole Foods Market, the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Program, and the Smallholder Farmers Alliance to plant hundreds of moringa trees in Haiti and sell a Moringa Green Energy Shot made with Haitian moringa. As part of this new initiative, Kuli Kuli launched a second crowdfunding campaign that raised $100,000 from over 500 people. This ambitious new project will help reforest Haiti with drought-tolerant moringa trees while providing Haitian smallholder farmers access to the growing market for moringa leaf powder. We are continuing to grow our moringa supply chain by providing fair, sustainable wages to farmers and women-led coops around the world.

Our Mission

Kuli Kuli's mission is to improve nutrition and livelihoods worldwide through moringa.

Our vision is to work with women-led farming cooperatives all over the world to drive economic growth, women’s empowerment and sustainable agricultural development. We are creating a world where everyone has the resources and knowledge to access the nutritional power of moringa. By rejuvenating moringa as a tool for nutritional security, we hope a new generation will imagine a world without hunger.

Our Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, product developers, coders and changemakers. We want to create a world where everyone has access to nutritious sources of food and malnutrition only exists in history textbooks. We’re excited to build that world with you.
Lisa Curtis
Founder, CEO

Lisa began working on Kuli Kuli while in the Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa. As a volunteer in her village’s health center, she gained a first-hand understanding of the common nutritional challenges faced in West African villages and how moringa can play a role in helping to address those challenges. Prior to Kuli Kuli, Lisa served as the Communications Director at Mosaic, wrote political briefings for President Obama in the White House and worked at an impact investment firm in India.

Valerie Popelka
Founder, CPO

Valerie Popelka brings her wealth of product development and marketing experience from GameChanger Products, an innovation and marketing consulting firm that focuses on consumer packaged goods. Valerie has helped to develop new products for General Mills, Hershey’s, Nestle, and many other CPGs. Valerie leads the Kuli Kuli teams’ product development and retail partnerships.

Jordan Moncharmont
Founder, CTO

Jordan is a software engineer who came to Kuli Kuli by way of Stanford, Facebook and Tesla Motors. He has always been interested in how communities and technology interact to solve the world's problems. He leads our operations and finances, while also developing and implementing our online sales strategy and online marketplace, which tells the stories of the women cultivating moringa.

Anne Tsuei
Founder, Chief Marketing & Creative

Anne brings 10 years of experience in designing for consumer packaging and brand identity at prestigious firms such as Anthem World Wide, Sterling Brands, and Michael Osborne Design. She has built an extensive portfolio that includes Safeway, Whole Foods, and Sam’s Club. Her knowledge and understanding of the food category and her visual design skills help create a fresh and unique brand for Kuli Kuli that consumers are sure to remember.

Our Board

Ahmed Rahim
Chief Alchemist of Numi Organic Tea

Ahmed is the Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Alchemist behind Numi Organic Tea, the largest premium, organic, Fair Trade Certified tea company in North America. Ahmed is responsible for all of the unique Numi blends and products that the company launches every year. Before starting Numi in 1999 in Oakland, California with his sister, Reem, Ahmed studied Theater & Psychology in New York City. He then spent a decade living, working and traveling throughout Europe as a professional filmmaker and photographer. Since 2009, Ahmed and his sister Reem have been evolving their vision for Numi through the Numi Foundation, with initiatives that focus on acknowledging and addressing the challenges within inner city Oakland; from education to health and nutrition. Ahmed sits on various boards and works with many non-profit organizations to focus on infusing art and nature into inner city communities, and mentors for-profit companies on enhancing their growth and sustainability goals. In 2011, Ahmed helped launch the nation’s first Waldorf-inspired multi-lingual, multi-cultural K-4 charter school: Community School for Creative Education. Ahmed’s core goal is to be of service to those focused on caring for their community and creating positive change for our environment.

Derek Proudian
Venture Investor, Start-Up CEO, and Entrepreneur

Derek Proudian is a Silicon Valley venture investor, start-up CEO, and entrepreneur. Derek has served as the CEO of six venture-capital backed companies, including Zip2 (Elon Musk’s first company) which he sold to Compaq for over $300 million. Derek has worked as a general partner at the venture capital firm Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV), a Venture Partner at Morgan Stanley Ventures, and an R&D manager at Hewlett-Packard Labs. As a general partner at MDV he was part of a team that turned $225 million of investment into $3.5 billion in returns for limited partners. He holds a BS in Cognitive Science, a BA in Creative Writing, a Masters in Computer Science and a Masters in Business, all from Stanford University. He also holds five issued US patents. As a founding board member Derek has helped shepherd a number of companies to successful exits, including mSpot sold to Samsung in 2012 for $50 million, Daintree Networks sold to General Electric in 2016 for $100 million, and SquareTrade sold to Allstate in 2017 for $1.4 billion.

Simon Burton
Director, eighteen94 Capital

As eighteen94's Fund Manager, Simon loves identifying exciting ideas that capitalize on emerging trends and investing in the growth of those ideas; he brings a wealth of experience in the food, beverage and household product industries. Simon has a Bachelor of Art degree from King College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Washington University. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. In his spare time, Simon is an avid, longtime supporter of Chelsea Football Club. He also now enjoys biking, as he has given up any hope of improving his golf game.

Our Advisors

We have a strong advisory board combining leaders from the food and beverage industry and successful social entrepreneurs.
Mark Rampolla
Founder & CEO of ZICO Coconut Water, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of PowerplantVentures LP

PowerplantVentures LP invests in emerging growth companies that intend to remake our global food system to deliver better nutrition in more sustainable and ethical ways. Mark was the Founder and CEO of ZICO Beverages, one of the trailblazers of today’s mainstream coconut water category. Under Mark’s leadership, ZICO experienced nine years of explosive growth and became one of the fastest growing beverage brands in the world. In 2013 The Coca Cola Company acquired ZICO Beverages. Mark started his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America and later operated packaging businesses across Latin America and the Caribbean for International Paper. He graduated from Marquette University and earned an MBA and Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University.

Dr. Jed W. Fahey
Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Schools of Medicine and Public Health, Director of the Cullman Chemoprotection Center

Jed spent the first 15 years of his career in the agricultural biotechnology industry and has spent the last 23 years at Johns Hopkins where he added a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry to his masters in botany. The Chemoprotection Center that he directs, in the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences, focuses on exploiting plants and their defensive strategies, for the protection of human beings against chronic diseases. In this capacity he has invested a great deal of time and effort on clinical trials examining the effects of broccoli sprouts (which contain phytochemicals extremely closely related to those found in moringa) in protecting against cancers, COPD, asthma, autism, schizophrenia, air pollution injury, and other diverse conditions. Dr. Fahey co-founded a company in the late 1990s whose mission was to develop chemoprotective food products. He currently teaches graduate courses in JHU’s Bloomberg School of Public Health (Dept. of International Health, Center for Human Nutrition) on “Food, Technology, and Health”, and in the School of Medicine, on “Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease”. Dr. Fahey is widely regarded as an authority on moringa, with which he has been working scientifically for almost 20 years.

Beth Sirull
President of Pacific Community Ventures

Beth is the President of Pacific Community Ventures, a social enterprise dedicated to creating jobs and economic opportunities in low-income communities through the direct support of small businesses as well as by advocating for systemic change to increase investment in these vulnerable communities. Since becoming President in 2009, Beth has grown PCV’s net assets from $3.3 million to nearly $6 million, established an internationally recognized research program focused on impact investing policy and best practice, scaled the Business Advising program tenfold, and secured one of just 20 Small Business Administration Intermediary Lending Pilot awards. As a result of her work with PCV, Forbes Magazine named Beth one of its "30 Top Social Entrepreneurs." Beth has also been named to the San Francisco Business Times’ list of "Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business." Prior to joining PCV, Beth had an extensive private sector career in financial services and real estate. Beth has a bachelor's degree from Brandeis, an MBA from Boston University and MPP from UC Berkeley.

Wood Turner
VP Sustainability Innovation at Stonyfield Farm

Wood Turner has most recently been VP of Sustainability Innovation for organic yogurt pioneer Stonyfield Farm and is the company’s lead advocate, facilitator and educator on sustainability issues. He has been responsible for catalyzing efforts that fulfill Stonyfield’s mission of not only minimizing negative environmental impact in all areas of its operations but also advancing innovative impact-reduction solutions. Previously, he was the founding executive director of Climate Counts, a leading corporate rating organization. Wood holds degrees from Duke and the University of Washington. He has advised many high-profile projects, including the Seattle mayor’s Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection and Newsweek Magazine's corporate green rankings.

Chris Mann
CEO / Chairman of the Gourd @ Guayaki

Chris got his BA in Economics from Harvard University but quickly realized that economics conveniently forgot about sustaining the environment and protecting people. Through his experience with Guayaki and previously with Natural Flavors, a 100% organic, vegan restaurant that employed 25 people and 60 local farmers, Chris is finding that by recognizing common purpose, seemingly disparate groups can integrate social justice, environmental restoration and economic success.

Larry Litvak
Lecturer at Stanford University

For three decades Larry Litvak has been a leader in the management, financing and governing of organizations pursuing social change. He has been a senior manager in two highly successful, socially- oriented business ventures: Walden Asset Management, one of the pioneers of socially responsible investing, and Working Assets/Credo Mobile, a telecommunications firm that has generated nearly $70 million to support progressive non-profits. He has been a board member of eight different entities, including domestic and international loan funds, social service providers, a public oversight board, a fiscal sponsor and a drug development enterprise. Larry has been a decision maker in the granting of approximately $100 million to social sector organizations. Larry has a bachelor's degree from Stanford and a master's degree from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Sam Goldman
Founder & Chief Consumer Officer of d.light

Sam co-founded d.light in 2007 and served as the company’s founding CEO. During his tenure as CEO, he raised over $11 million in funding, started the India sales and marketing division, and oversaw multiple launches of products, including the award-winning S250 and S10. Sam has been selected as an Ashoka Fellow and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader; he was also recognized by Forbes as one of the world’s top 30 social entrepreneurs. Prior to d.light, he founded and managed multiple ventures in Africa, including improved agriculture and construction businesses, a for-profit NGO cultivating the miracle tree Moringa oleifera, and the distribution of low-cost latrines, cook stoves and rain water catchment cisterns. Sam has lived in Cameroon, Mauritania, Pakistan, Peru, India, Rwanda, Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin, West Africa which is where he first began working with Moringa. After graduating with degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, Canada, he earned an MBA from Stanford.

Giving everyone access to the nutritional power of moringa.