Supporting non-profits working with moringa to reduce malnutrition

March 2014 Partner Campaign:

Help Strong Harvest Train Moringa Farmers In Tanzania

By purchasing Kuli Kuli Moringa Superfood Bars*

1500 bars

Purchased of 1300 bar goal.

How this works

For every bar purchased through this page, 15% of proceeds go directly to our Monthly Moringa Partner to fund this campaign.


Strong Harvest International works with families in the developing world to provide good nutrition, clean water and economic opportunity - right in their own backyards with the Moringa Tree.

Get healthy – Give healthy!

After two years of successfully proving our model in Nicaragua, we are expanding to Tanzania. Every bar you purchase will get us one step closer to launching in Tanzania. Then, while you are getting healthier eating Kuli Kuli bars, Strong Harvest will be teaching in Tanzania about the positive changes that moringa brings to families and entire communities - changes that are Attainable, Sustainable and Generational!

About Our Work

Strong Harvest trains local people to become Peer Educators in basic nutrition and the cultivation of Moringa, equipping them to train others in their community and beyond.

Why Moringa?

Moringa provides a powerhouse of nutrition through its leaves, clean water through its seeds and a number of small family business opportunities. Once a community experiences the improvement that moringa brings to their lives, it becomes a valuable commodity, that can be sold in the local market and even internationally as small farmers provide moringa to companies like Kuli Kuli.

What's the Impact?

As we’ve been training Peer Educators in Nicaragua and Mexico, they’ve been teaching their friends and neighbors how to grow and use moringa to radically improve their family’s health. People are seeing great results – children are getting healthier and are doing better in school, adults have more energy, diabetes is being brought under control and moringa soup is being sold for a source of income!

Help us to bring great health to Tanzania!

This year Strong Harvest will launch our Peer Educator program in Tanzania. We’ll train people in both urban areas and remote villages how they can use moringa to sustainably provide good nutrition, clean water and economic opportunities for their families right in their own backyards. We need your help to make this happen!

Why Kuli Kuli?

We are very excited to be partnering with Kuli Kuli! We share their focus on combating hunger while providing small business opportunities in Africa and we’re looking forward to the day when Kuli Kuli bars are made with moringa grown by small farmers trained by Strong Harvest.

Stay in touch and watch the health spread.

Go to our website for more info about Strong Harvest and moringa and keep up with what we’re doing on our Facebook page at

Thank You! ~ Asante Sana! (Swahili)

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