Supporting non-profits working with moringa to reduce malnutrition

July 2014 Partner Campaign:

Help Farmers in Kenya Grow and Sell Moringa

By purchasing Kuli Kuli Moringa Products

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How this works

For every serving of moringa purchased through this page, 15% of proceeds go directly to our partner organization to fund this campaign.

The Drylands Natural Resources Center (DNRC) enables subsistence farmers in the drylands of Kenya to plant drought-resistant trees. These trees improve farmers’ soils, diets, and crop yields, and offer the most marginalized communities in Africa a way to restore their land and secure their economic future.

The DNRC provides farmers with agroforestry inputs, classroom and field training, and long-term credit and commercial support, so they have all the tools they need to better manage their natural resources.

Our Impact

Since 2009, we have planted over 100,000 trees of different varieties, which has generated a sustainable source of firewood and supplemental nutrition from fruits, nuts, and leaves for over 2,000 people.

Additionally, our farmers reap the benefits of improved soil quality, more shade, and higher crop yields.

This year, they will begin sustainably harvesting their forests for green charcoal, timber, and other high-value wood products, which we estimate will increase their annual income by 50-150%.

2009 (1 year old)

2013 (5 years old)

The DNRC’s new focus on Moringa

Working with Kuli Kuli, we aim to plant 2,500 more Moringa trees, significantly increase the amount of Moringa our farmers consume, and begin selling processed Moringa powder through a DNRC co-op.

Why Moringa?

Of all the trees we plant, Moringa oleifera holds the most potential to address nutritional deficiencies and improve health outcomes. Moringa can also be processed and sold in local and export markets, as small farmers provide moringa to local families and companies like Kuli Kuli.

Why Kuli Kuli?

We are proud and excited to partner with Kuli Kuli! We share their belief that small businesses can help end malnutrition and poverty in Africa, and that Moringa needs to be widely grown and made available to consumers everywhere. We look forward to when Kuli Kuli bars are made with Moringa grown by farmers trained by the DNRC!

How our partnership with Kuli Kuli works

Beginning July 1, 2014, 15% of all purchases made through the DNRC MPP campaign page will be donated to the DNRC. If we are able to sell 2,500 servings of moringa in this manner, this would provide the DNRC with $1,000 to invest directly in Moringa planting, training, and co-op marketing programs.

How you can help: Order some Kuli Kuli moringa-based products!

Purchase any moringa product (Kuli Kuli bars or Kuli Kuli Moringa Powder) at . In addition to benefiting from the nutritional power of moringa, your purchase will help the DNRC teach farmers to cultivate, prepare, and sell moringa. We will measure and share our progress and results, so you can be sure your money will have an impact!

Stay in touch and track our progress

You can follow us by liking the DNRC’s Facebook page .

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